Report Date: 12/19/2012

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Mcmillan's Seymour's King Louie

Name:Mcmillan's Seymour's King Louie
AKC #:HP419000/03 Breed/Variety:Dachshund
Birth Date:11/18/2011 Sex:Male
Breeder(s):Alisha McMillan/Jim McMillan

Mcmillan's Seymour's King Louie
Mcmillans Touch Of Frost Ml
HP292381/03 08-09
AKC DNA #V641599
Weldachs Cedar Hills Frosty Ml
HP167324/03 09-06
AKC DNA #V422127
CH Arctic Explorer's Fairbanks ML
HM749381/04 09-99
AKC DNA #V179228
Newberry's Artic Explorer ML
HM667616/01 04-98
Merri-King Rafael ML
HM525372/03 08-96
Merri-King Peaches N Creme
HM501563/03 02-96
Holmes Francesca Renee Le
HM608964/01 07-97
Black & Tan
CH Merri-King Patent Pending ML
HM501563/01 05-95
Merri-King Maggie Denim ML
HM553067/05 02-96
Blue & Tan
Kyleigh N' Weldachs Creampuf
HP066953/01 11-05
CH Hanjo N' Sylmar Goldnugget ML
HM950116/04 09-02
AKC DNA #V254620
Brandachs Natural Blonde ML
HM877071/01 12-00 (Canada)
AKC DNA #V113173
CH Brandachs Blonds Hav Morfun ML
HM789185/01 06-00 (Canada)
Welcorberry's Snowmass ML
HM914019/03 11-02
CH Cedarhurst Sevenschilling ML
HM822405/03 11-00
AKC DNA #V143786
Newberry's Forbidden Love ML
HM805789/04 11-00
Mcmillan's Hidden Blue Jean Ms
HP236740/06 05-08
Black & Tan
Mars Jake Broke The Bank
HP145493/01 06-06
Black & Cream
AKC DNA #V432849
Outside Inn's Hummer O' Lad
HP097347/04 07-05
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V582884
Outside Inn's Creme Laddy ML
HM995708/01 08-04
Outside Inn Lady N Velvet Ml
HP042248/02 08-04
Black & Tan
Outside Inn's Lady In Red ML
HM994193/02 06-03
Water World
HM939021/01 07-01 (United Kingdom)
AKC DNA #V163108
Miss Cappa Cocomo - FL
HM759049/04 06-99
Chocolate & Tan
Miss Daisy Southern Bluebell
HP138300/01 06-06
Blue & Tan
Reighney's Affinity For The Blues
HP003381/01 10-03
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V295998
Kat's Maryland Blue Marlin
HM885290/01 08-01
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V178996
Kat's Whyoming Raven Ms
HM918153/05 06-02
Black & Tan
Reighney's Amaretto After Dark Ms
HP047233/02 05-05
Black & Tan
Long Star's Prince William ML
HM890303/06 04-02
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V226133
Landry's Charming Cocoa
HM739845/01 03-99
Chocolate & Tan
Mcmillans Country Summertime Ml
HP332731/01 12-11
Clv Calico Cowboy Mlcp
HP285292/08 05-09
Cream Piebald
AKC DNA #V549044
Countrylov'N Johnny Be Good-Ml
HP149233/01 08-06
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V433311
Banker Of Queen Hope
HP143847/01 06-05 (Japan)
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V362688
Bullet Shot Cream Cracker
JKC DHM-14802/95
Bullet Shot Wafer
JKC DHM-13907/00
Bells Dusty Rose -Mlcp
HN012175/02 04-04
Chocolate & Tan Piebald
Bells Cowboy MSCPB
HM927730/03 01-02
Chocolate & Tan Piebald
AKC DNA #V201174
Bells Red Pie Rose Ms
HP005096/02 03-03
Red Piebald
Countrylov'N Kentucky Grendox Ml
HP122450/04 11-06
grendox good as gold ml
HP078013/02 01-05
AKC DNA #V325223
Teckel Town's Sir Alastair ML
HM965832/02 05-03
AKC DNA #V303200
Handys Sweetcream Chloie Ml
HM973439/04 01-06
AKC DNA #V371221
Grendox Karmen Miranda Mlpb
HP058348/03 01-05
Black & Tan Piebald
Dominos Spikester Ms
HM983575/02 02-03
AKC DNA #V292970
Marie's Sweet Meagan ML
HM967234/04 03-03
Black & Tan
Clv Country Teatime Ml
HP285295/05 06-09
Chocolate & Tan
Lookot Mt Suede Dragon Ml
HP175099/01 04-07
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V507375
Kreamhaus Lookout Mt Bruno Ncream
HP111154/02 01-06
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V395842
CH Jeremie Of Caprera
HM958956/01 11-04 (New Zealand)
AKC DNA #V367958
Snh Wee Bits Of Cream Ml
HP035283/04 11-04
Black & Cream
Sugarhill & Lees' Cream Of Royal Ml Shelby
HP087612/02 06-05
Black & Cream
Reid Sugarhill Royal Romance
HP029021/02 12-03
Blue & Tan Dapple
AKC DNA #V291001
Sugarhill's Careless Whispers Ml
HP041517/03 05-04
Black & Tan
Jbd Burning The Tiki Torch Ml
HP053457/02 03-05
Chocolate & Tan Piebald
Cocoa Puffs Luna
HM830076/02 09-00
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V176777
Doxology Red Dazzler-MS
HM568088/02 04-96
AKC DNA #V126773
Esmeralda Von Snaps Ms
HM633682/01 03-98
Black & Tan
Samantha Anna Luna
HM923807/04 07-02
Black & Tan Piebald
Rico Spot Luna
HM836501/04 08-00
Red Dapple
AKC DNA #V152667
Blondie Marlana Snaps Ms
HM633682/02 08-97
Black & Tan

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