Report Date: 10/09/2016

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Holy Mountain's Princess Margareta

Name:Holy Mountain's Princess Margareta
AKC #:HP470496/02 Breed/Variety:Dachshund
Birth Date:02/25/2014 Sex:Female
Colors/Markings:Red Piebald
Breeder(s):Janet Bellamy

Holy Mountain's Princess Margareta
Red Piebald
Bellamys Ryder Blue Dash Mspd
HP420598/02 05-13
Blue & Tan Piebald
AKC DNA #V698227
Candycoateds Wrapped N Sivr Foil Ml
HP316971/02 05-09
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan Piebald
Sir Dexter Lee King
HP149586/02 07-06
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan Piebald
AKC DNA #V406848
Tumbleweed Peanut Painter
HM934506/02 05-02
Black & Tan Piebald
AKC DNA #V251100
Izzys Studmuffin Kirby
HM893718/01 04-01
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V240641
Kolby's Pawpie Spot MSPB
HM885532/04 04-01
Black & Tan Piebald
Terri Kayes Olive Oyle
HP077954/04 07-05
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
Ammons Nickel Plated Colt Ms
HP004987/03 06-03
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V314248
Frauline Ilsa Silverbell MSP
HM987602/01 06-03
Blue & Tan Piebald
Wonderland's Little Chocolate Oreo
HP227126/03 11-08
Chocolate & Tan Piebald
Kathi's Issy My Ziggi Pie-MSP
HP164329/01 08-06
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan Piebald
AKC DNA #V457265
Sagebrush's Little Squirt Ms
HP048807/01 06-04
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V330113
Rocket's Smokie Haze
HM974566/03 12-02
Blue & Tan
Kathi's Cinna Stick Adds Color - Ms
HP173931/02 12-06
Red Brindle
Cyrus Lane
HP045245/06 09-04
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
AKC DNA #V325601
Kathis Lil Trick Bag Tricksi
HP061360/02 04-05
Red Brindle Piebald
Wonderland's Solid Black Mammie
HP206272/06 05-08
Crane's Striped Scout Msp
HN006262/01 06-04
Red Piebald
AKC DNA #V356928
Handys Cream Pie Laredo-MLP
HM982863/03 11-02
Cream Piebald
AKC DNA #V232707
Ammons Roscoe P Coletrane Ms
HM940257/06 01-02
Cream Piebald
AKC DNA #V205682
Handys Lil Bit Of Trouble ML
HM822008/02 02-02
Red Piebald
AKC DNA #V321486
Handys Brindle Pie Bitsy MSP
HM851578/01 07-01
Red Piebald
Kenkaye's Bengal Tiger Ms
HM682993/02 04-98
Red Brindle
AKC DNA #V130137
K.C.'s Classic Fee Bee
HM609462/01 09-97
J-Dachs Black Widow
HP075580/04 08-06
McGarritys Bradly Bandara Ms
HN003782/02 01-04
AKC DNA #V291885
Greenview's Rhett Butler
HM849504/04 04-01
AKC DNA #V278602
Greenview Touched By An Angel
HM901022/03 03-02
Westwind's Midnite Magic Ms
HM851769/06 01-01
Captain Nemo Amos
HM609892/02 12-97
Black & Tan
Midnite Cindy Queen
HM710268/01 11-99
Bellamy's Abby Dash
HP410763/03 05-13
Red Dapple
Three D's Loryder Lh
HP341913/01 08-10
AKC DNA #V655398
Starlights English Cameron Cbb Ml
HP252248/02 08-09
AKC DNA #V559559
Cbwags4u Romeo 4artthou Clv Ml
HP207739/01 07-07
Cream Dapple
AKC DNA #V475941
Sutkus Ray Of Cream Sunshine
HM821532/06 09-00
AKC DNA #V124001
Countrylov'N Honey Bee Ml
HP140763/01 08-06
Cbwags4u Lady Klaudia
HP183226/01 07-07
Cbwags4u Theodore Roosevelt Vom Daxi Haus
HP131935/03 02-06
AKC DNA #V410973
Cbwags4u Lady Callista
HP103227/01 08-05
Cream Piebald
Tm Fm Irish Molly Magee
HP207515/02 05-08
Chocolate & Tan Piebald
T C's Painted Red Gizmo ML
HM916113/02 02-02
Red Piebald
AKC DNA #V209356
Macho Sprinkles
HM804036/01 05-00
Red Piebald
AKC DNA #V71250
Pocodots Ginger
HM867881/02 12-00
Cream Piebald
Tombstone Farms Bell Star
HM977255/07 06-03
Red Piebald
Secraw's Tiger MSB
HM815591/03 05-00
Red Brindle
AKC DNA #V83854
Secraw's Spice MSP
HM822709/02 10-00
Red Piebald
Three D's Winter Moon Ml
HP332634/02 04-11
Red Piebald
Three D's Stars And Stripes
HP161663/01 07-06
Red Brindle Piebald
AKC DNA #V426866
Three D's Paper Tiger
HP058719/01 09-04
Red Brindle Piebald
AKC DNA #V307529
Three D's Fire 'N' Ice MSPBLD
HN001796/02 07-03
Red Piebald
AKC DNA #V263882
Tigger's Toy Tiggress Msbr
HM997257/04 11-03
Red Brindle
Three D's Darling Whoopi ML
HM997883/02 10-03
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V478726
Handsome Brady ML
HM967234/02 07-02
Black & Tan Piebald
AKC DNA #V306628
Ginny's Almond Joy Ms
HM937462/01 07-02
Chocolate & Tan Piebald
Three D's Summer Moon Ml
HP199873/02 08-07
Three D's Iced Cream Mlpbid
HP134504/04 03-06
Cream Piebald
AKC DNA #V364854
Baron Wolfgang Lacream ML
HN000255/01 07-03
AKC DNA #V275305
Jeneane's Lady Genevive Mlpb
HP033318/02 03-04
Black & Tan Piebald
Sophie Pepper Moon
HP101252/02 06-06
Red Sable
Heidach's Moon Dancer ML
HM680448/02 06-99
Peter Pepper's Piper
HM935677/05 09-04
Red Sable

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